Black Biot Feathers

Black Biot Feathers


Black Biot Feathers. Natural feather. (12 pcs. per unit) 9" Natural material, size and color may vary.

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    Our children’s necklace items contain breakaway features, attachments or materials required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s children’s jewelry standard.

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    Age Recommendation:

    Ages 5 & Up: Containing medium-sized pieces with the occasional angular edge, these lightweight to sturdy crafts may require some assembly such as stringing beads or gluing items to create a 3Dimensional project, msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=1, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=Feather Assortment, sku=48/1958, smallImageName=48_1958.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00037, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=ST, uomDescription=1 Set(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/7397" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
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    Ages 3 & Up: Containing 10 or less large, rounded pieces made of lightweight and soft material, these crafts are simple and easy, perfect for budding artists or large groups. Activity may include coloring or gluing pieces to flat surfaces., msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=600, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=Bulk Feather Assortment, sku=48/3965, smallImageName=48_3965a.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00099, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=PC, uomDescription=600 Piece(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/7397" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
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