There is something so simple and elegant about gold foil projects. Gold foil adds a dramatic element to everything it comes in contact with. When paired with succulent plant materials, gold foil adds the perfect complement to any table or home decor! Today, see the fun steps for trying your first gold foil project on this Gold Foil Glass Planter Vase afterwards, take pictures of how you’ll use this diy decor in your house!

There seems to be something special about eating a delicious meal outdoors. When I was a child, I would get so excited when my parents took me on a picnic. I admit, that as an adult, I get equally excited about venturing out, laying down a blanket and sharing a meal with those I love. Maybe the appeal as an adult is that I don’t really have to cook, but simply assemble some sandwiches and yummy sides. Instead of going straight for the peanut butter and jelly, go outside the picnic box a bit and make these Chicken Cordon Bleu Pitas.

Recently, I had the pleasure of throwing a construction party for my sister’s sweet 4-year-old boy. He is obsessed with all things trucks, construction and building. He couldn’t wait to invite his friends over to play in the sand. It was so fun to give his four-year-old heart the birthday of his dreams. When he pulled up and saw all the construction hats and DIY Personal Toolbelts he said, ‘Lindi, this is the best day of my whole entire life.’ And in that moment all chaos of the day was worth it and I remembered why I was really throwing this party: to celebrate my darling nephew.

In addition to the DIY Personalized Tool Belts, my sister and I made these Construction Toy Lunchboxes for the party guests at the Construction Party we threw for my nephew. We wanted to create a party favor that the kids would really enjoy and play with upon returning home. We turned regular construction-themed stickers into magnets and placed them in tin lunchboxes! As magnets, our guests could create playscapes on and in the lunchbox. And the best part, no mess! The magnets stay IN the lunchbox after playtime is over. Here’s how I made them.

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