Earth And Habitat Learning Chart Set

Earth And Habitat Learning Chart Set


Earth And Habitat Learning Chart Set. Great learning aides, these Earth and Habitat learning charts can be displayed all year long or incorporated into your Earth Day activities! Fun and educational, these colorful charts include real life photography! Display these charts to reinforce lessons and teach children about the unique characteristics of each habitat of our planet! These 17" durable double-sided paper charts include an illustration on one side and facts on the other side. Includes: Tundras, Tropical Rain Forests, Deciduous Forests, Coniferous Forests, Grasslands, Fresh Water, Oceans and Deserts. Includes hanging tabs. (8 pcs. per set)

  • Facts Include:
  • Average Temperature
  • Average Rainfall
  • Vegetation
  • Wild Life
  • Weather Conditions
  • Size of each Habitat
  • Unique Characteristics of each Habitat


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