Goldtone & Silvertone Rhinestone Large Hole Beads - 14mm

Goldtone & Silvertone Rhinestone Large Hole Beads - 14mm


Metal. (6 pcs. per unit)

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    Our children’s necklace items contain breakaway features, attachments or materials required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s children’s jewelry standard.

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      While silk flower petals are always a classic and stylish way to give these tealight holders a elegant look try using layered sand, sea shells or starfish, colorful beads, colorful plastic jewels, marbles, crushed pebbles or even acrylic ice (all sold separately) to give your next event an unforgettable table decoration.

        On a tight budget? Fill these tealight holders with your own colored water, silk ivy, freshly cut bamboo sticks, small fruit slices, berries, rice or lentils to create budget-friendly decorations you and your guests will love!

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