12 Going Buggy! Fuse Bead Boards

12 Going Buggy! Fuse Bead Boards


12 Going Buggy! Fuse Bead Boards. Going Buggy for something to do? Our insect shapes are lots of fun! Just add our large fuse beads and Fuse Bead Ironing Paper (sold separately) and you’re set to go. Here’s what you do: arrange your beads on your chosen peg board. Cover beads with Fuse Bead Ironing Paper. Hold an iron over the top of your design for 15 to 20 seconds. Once cooled, remove your fused, solid-shaped design! Includes 4 fun insect designs. 5" Adult supervision required. © OTC

Age Recommendation:

Ages 8 & Up: Containing many pieces of all shapes and sizes and made from a variety of different sturdy materials, some of which include sharp edges or points, including glass beads, ceramics or metals. Activity may require weaving, beadwork, knotting or special glue.

$7.00 Per Dozen


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