Glue Arts® Glue Glider Max

Glue Arts® Glue Glider Max


Glue Arts® Glue Glider Max. It has been awarded the winner of the Most Innovative New Product Award at the July 2007 Craft & Hobby show! The Glue Glider Max is high-tack, and uniquely dispenses in die-cut rectangles or one long 1" wide strip. With over 120 ft. of aggressive tack, it is perfect for easy application on paper crafts, vellum papers and transparencies, holiday decorations, home décor items and more! Has easy, pre-loading disposable adhesive cartridges, and works with a variety of refills. Removable handle for accurate single-line application. Refill sizes, 114 ft. 10 1/2" x 11 1/4"

$45.99 Each


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