Wax Craft Sticks

Wax Craft Sticks


Bend and twist these assorted Wax Craft Sticks to create fun designs! Ideal for little hands, these wax-coated craft sticks are a fun activity kids can use to express their creativity. (100 sticks per unit) 6"

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    Teachers Pick Banner

    ”There are endless uses for these wood craft sticks! Use them as a classroom management tool by writing each student’s name on a stick. You can manage attendance, center time or use them to call on students. These are also a great addition to any arts and crafts areas. Kids can easily make puppets, puzzles and frames using these sturdy craft sticks.”
    Anna, Educational Product Development Specialist, Iowa

    Age Recommendation:

    Ages 5 & Up: Containing medium-sized pieces with the occasional angular edge, these lightweight to sturdy crafts may require some assembly such as stringing beads or gluing items to create a 3-dimensional project., msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=500, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=Large Natural Wood Craft Sticks, sku=57/1008, smallImageName=57_1008.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00099, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=PC, uomDescription=500 Piece(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/9702" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
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    "A great value for any art supply shelf. Students love to decorate projects and crafts and I love the different sizes and colors included with this assortment."
    Amy, Educational Product Development Specialist

    , msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=550, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=1 Lb. of Pom-Poms, sku=57/8006, smallImageName=57_8006e.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00099, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=PC, uomDescription=550 Piece(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/9702" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
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