Wax Craft Sticks

Wax Craft Sticks


Bend and twist these assorted Wax Craft Sticks to create fun designs! Ideal for little hands, these wax-coated craft sticks are a fun activity kids can use to express their creativity. (100 sticks per unit) 6"

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  • Chenille Stems

    Chenille Stems

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    Age Recommendation:

    Ages 3 & Up: Containing 10 or less large, rounded pieces made of lightweight and soft material, these crafts are simple and easy, perfect for budding artists or large groups. Activity may include coloring or gluing pieces to flat surfaces., msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=100, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=Chenille Stems, sku=12/1526, smallImageName=12_1526b.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00037, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=PC, uomDescription=100 Piece(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/9702" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
  • Playing Dice

    Playing Dice

    Per Dozen


  • 1 Lb. of Pom-Poms

    1 Lb. of Pom-Poms

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    Teachers Pick Banner

    "A great value for any art supply shelf. Students love to decorate projects and crafts and I love the different sizes and colors included with this assortment."
    Amy, Educational Product Development Specialist

    , msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=550, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=1 Lb. of Pom-Poms, sku=57/8006, smallImageName=57_8006e.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00099, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=PC, uomDescription=550 Piece(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/9702" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
  • Large Natural Wood Craft Sticks

    Large Natural Wood Craft Sticks

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    Teachers Pick Banner

    ”There are endless uses for these wood craft sticks! Use them as a classroom management tool by writing each student’s name on a stick. You can manage attendance, center time or use them to call on students. These are also a great addition to any arts and crafts areas. Kids can easily make puppets, puzzles and frames using these sturdy craft sticks.”
    Anna, Educational Product Development Specialist, Iowa

    Age Recommendation:

    Ages 5 & Up: Containing medium-sized pieces with the occasional angular edge, these lightweight to sturdy crafts may require some assembly such as stringing beads or gluing items to create a 3-dimensional project., msrp=0, prefix=IN, sItemSubType=null, sellingUnit=500, shippingCode=null, shortDesc=Large Natural Wood Craft Sticks, sku=57/1008, smallImageName=57_1008.jpg, smallImageURL=/thumb/, taxCode=00099, type=ITEM, unitOfMeasure=PC, uomDescription=500 Piece(s), upcCode=0]" parentSku="48/9702" imageURI="/" oneLine="false" xSell="true"/>
  • Chenille Stem Classpack

    Chenille Stem Classpack

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